About Us

Beardos Grooming was founded by June O'Neal in the winter of 2015.

June, while at that time an inmate at a California correctional facility, was experiencing major brittleness and hair loss in his beard and his hair.

Only allotted a significantly low amount of choices to repair these issues, he decided to create some all natural products with the few ingredients he was allowed to purchase. The products he made showed increased improvement in his beard and hair which prompted him to want to start a men's grooming line where men all across the world could finally find the solution to all of their hair and grooming desires.

A humble, yet hungry entrepreneur, JR has been serving up fades and waves for the past 10 years. JR joined Beardos Grooming in the fall of 2017. His raw and unique talent with the clippers has caught the attention of many music industry celebrities and NBA professionals, with whom he has the privilege of calling his clients. His perseverance and unmatched precision has been one of the driving forces of the Beardos Grooming movement. 

 Together this dynamic duo have created a blueprint for what is to be one of the best men’s hair and beard care product lines on the market.