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Beardos Grooming

Blue Royal - Long Handle 360 Wave Brush - Medium

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Our Beardos Grooming Blue Royal Medium 360 Wave Brush is another of our go-to brushes, no matter what stage you are in your waving process, whether it be that hop out the chair fresh cut or this quarantine wolf. 

Looking closely, you can see the curve of the bristles are constructed to pass over your waves with ease, and follows the shape of your head with precision.

Thinking about crown care? Your crown will never look tarnished as you can see the top of the brush comes to a point which effortlessly takes care of your crown maintenance. 

Not recommended for long hair. 

Beardos Signature 360 Wave Brushes grips and effortlessly grooms hair into place establishing a uniform 360 wave pattern.

Guaranteed to notice a difference after just one use, but we recommend daily brushing for BEST results.